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  • Enhance Your Protection & Comfort with FiltroLife

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Enhance Your Protection & Comfort with FiltroLife

3 Ply-Filters Specifications:

  • Better Filtration: 
    • Particulate Filtration Efficiency (P.F.E) ≥ 98% at 0.1 microns
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (B.F.E) ≥ 98% at 3.0 microns
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3-Ply Non-Woven Polypropylene Filters for Superior Protection

Based on recent studies, Health Canada now recommends non-woven polypropylene filters to improve the performance of cotton/cloth face masks. 

Our FiltroLife Filter inserts go the extra mile combining 3-ply non-woven polypropylene & melt-blown fabric for superior protection.

Our Filters filter 98% of small 0.1 micron particles as verified by this independent lab. In contrast, our competitor PM2.5's are designed for large 2.5-micron particles found in city air pollution.

FiltroLife Filters also performs well in the standard BFE bacterial test and PFE particulate test by a 3rd party testing lab, as per ASTM F2100-19 requirements.

And best of all, our lightweight filters are the most breathable on the market - more breathable than PM2.5 activated carbon or HEPA filters. Breathability is the key for comfort when wearing a filter for extended period of time. 

Improve your Protection against droplet transmission with better filtration technology from FiltroLife Canada. 

Superior protection and breathability, without sacrificing comfort or style

Enhanced Filtration

98% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (P.F.E.) at 0.1 microns - Highest filtration for an Everyday Mask

Enhanced Protection & Breathability

3 Layers of premium filtration with thin profile and easy breathability.

Premium materials

Made with medical-grade non-woven polypropylene & melt blown fabric engineered to be soft & moisture resistant.

Proudly Canadian

FiltroLife is a Division of ProgressLuv2Pak. To date we have distributed over 40 Million masks to hospitals, retirement homes, retailers and more.

As a proudly Canadian company, we are glad to sell Masks and Filters verified, certified, and tested to the highest standards.

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